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Topic: April's Fools Day 2018: the results!, Easter special!

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Posted on April 2, 2018 at 0:45:33 [Post link]

This year's April's Fools Day landed on the same day as Easter, so I decided to go topical. This year: bunnies!

Instead of reusing a part of Laurasia as I tend to do in these events, I did things differently by working off a copy of Rodinia. This copy had a few notable changes, though: all the torches at Point Zero had been removed, leading to a darker area overall, and all chests were wiped out to prevent people from getting equipped too quickly. The world was permanently set to night time as well.

Some players quickly realized that they had a specific goal to aim for this time around: hunting bunnies! Multiple bunnies were spawning around the place, teasing people with a simple "Catch me!". What wasn't so obvious was the fact that said bunnies were on top of fast-moving, invisible creepers ready to detonate at any time. You could secure some prizes (assuming you were fast enough) by right-clicking on a bunny. Take too long, and you were likely to get blown-up instead! Through what I can only assume to be a plugin bug, the creepers underneath the bunnies would despawn after a while, breaking the right-click functionality.

To add some... ambiance to the area, the only mobs that were allowed to spawn were endermen, spiders and creepers. All were invisible - the endermen and spiders gave eerie stares from their floating, translucent eyes, while creepers would strike without warning as you couldn't tell if one was close by until the final ssssssh.

To complete this, the USS Voyager was hidden in a corner of the world. Nobody found it... or thought to look for it, apparently. It's been included in these maps for five years straight, now!

And now, for some stats:

  • 13 players joined in today!
  • Some gift giving bunnies were caught!
  • On the other hand, ? people got blown up by said bunnies. The logs don't say!
  • 0 players managed to catch the Easter Bunny!
  • You could get a chance of meeting one by tossing eggs at bunnies.
  • 0 managed to find the hidden USS Voyager. You're all slacking off!

Low numbers this year, apparently. I suppose that people had other commitments, considering that this all happened on Easter! I wasn't home, myself, but remotely took care of everything anyway. :)

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Posted on April 2, 2018 at 9:27:23 [Post link]

I didn't get to experience the MineCraft prank this year.

However, I can't say I liked the Facebook Integration for Interordi either.


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Posted on April 17, 2018 at 20:18:33 [Post link]

I hunted ALL the wabbits. ALL the cake too.

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Posted on April 20, 2018 at 10:42:05 [Post link]

You know, I always make it a mental note to check in on the server and see what the joke is this year, but I haven't managed to actually pop in for one since I convinced that poor kid that you drowned in a house fire. I'll have you know that I've just set an annual reminder in my Google calendar just for this. This one sounded like fun.



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