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Topic: Feedback wanted: A better introduction to new players?

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Posted on September 2, 2019 at 13:52:50 [Post link]

As most of you have noticed, we've had a lot of new players in August. Many came, but many also went. Now, I'm wondering how to retain the new players for longer. Those who actually give a chance to the Creeper's Lab tend to stick around, but most give up before they get to that point. So, I'm asking everyone: what can we do to make the new player experience better for new faces?

Of course, there are always some who refuse to read anything and are lost causes. I'm not focused on them. It's everyone else who properly registers only to give up that I'm curious about.

Some will give up because we don't allow teleports or flight, or have a creative mode. Fair enough, our server type isn't for them. Moving forward.

I think the addition of the tutorial will help to a degree, since it's now possible to build up a starting kit of items while learning the basics on how we do things at the Creeper's Lab. This makes it a bit simpler to get the first useful tools. Is there a next logical step on what should be presented to new people?

A common request is a way to get to "wild" territory quickly. We don't allow teleports, so we tell people to grab a minecart and ride the rails. Maybe that's a bit much to ask out of players who are still trying to orient themselves? The moment one appears in Laurasia, they're placed right in front of the train station with all the main connections, yet many seem lost right away. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this better, or a way for players can get started quickly?

One thing to note, I know that the registration process itself can get in the way at times. I've got plans to improve it and make it more straightforward, without removing it entirely: it's existence is probably our biggest anti-griefing protection, and I think it's important to keep it in place. These improvements are likely a few months away at best, since they're tied to other elements that still need work.

So I'm opening the discussion to everyone. How can we make the first visit to our community better for new players? Can you think of something that'd help convince visitors to stay? What steps could be put into place to make things simpler for them?

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Posted on September 2, 2019 at 22:01:02 [Post link]

I think that Grand Central Station, whilst impressive, is overwhelming for new players. So is the whole of Central city, to be honest. So perhaps streamline things a bit. There's the new player kit dispenser in Central, but I didn't find that straight away. Could that be moved into the Spawn area? Also the stuff dispensed from that kit is better than the stuff given in /tutorial, so if the /tutorial stuff was upgraded then perhaps the kit dispenser wouldn't be needed.

Add a few things to the new player kit perhaps. Food was hard to come by in the first few days as everywhere is so built up, so perhaps give them some. Also an in-game guidebook containing basic things they'll want to know like the unique commands, where they can build, how to use Central Station, the fact that the community centre exists, how to use the map, etc.

Getting to Wild quickly is a problem, as the overground rail is slow and the nether rail isn't good if you don't know where you want to go. It's why I ended up so close to Central. I was on the rail for ages, and finally found some empty space so jumped off. Not allowing TP is generally good, but how about a one-off for new players? You could add a key item to the new player kit which allows them to enter a 'wild access' room with TPs to a choice of biomes. Again, they should access this room without needing to leave Spawn.

Also, the tutorial video (episode 0.1) that's on some of the server list sites is out of date. It doesn't mention /tutorial and it does mention things like /maon instead of /choptree on. Led to a tiny amount of confusion when I arrived. Could be worth an update, and to be made more prominent.

Registration seems to flumux some people. A very short video explaining the process would be easier than trying to direct people through chat.

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Posted on September 2, 2019 at 22:27:08 [Post link]

EDIT: OK, was encouraged to go through the tutorial. Seems to cover a lot of things well, though I was surprised not to see coverage of things like replanting, a more extensive list of what constitutes griefing (though the room at the end does help make the point), or any direct mention of not using cheat mods. It also seems as though the auto-cart-breaker may set up expectations that auto-cart-breakers are everywhere, when people need to know they need to break the cart themselves... and people not doing that has been an issue lately.

As for things to present to newly-registered players beyond the tutorial, I did actually have a book drafted up shortly before I took my several-weeks break that I figured could serve as at least a model for something that could be put on a lectern on the spawn platform in Central. EDIT: Seems surprisingly little of the book is redundant with the tutorial!

Central is, as has been discussed in in-game chat, incredibly easy to get lost in -- and, I would add, shiny enough and large enough to give the impression that it is the server to someone who doesn't know better. Grand Central doesn't even have signs on it identifying it, let alone pointing out that it's the best starting point for finding a home.

The fact that Central's community center even exists is hard to discover. It took me a while to even memorize where it is; it would take a lot of dumb luck for new people to stumble across it, given Central's bewildering layout. It's not very clear where the farms are either. There's a lot in Central to help people prepare to set out, but it's not obvious that they ought to find it in the first place, let alone how to. As near as I can tell, people used to other servers are used to being handed a complete starting kit, not having to assemble one from resources at spawn.

One thing I noticed during the banner month is that a lot of people, if left to wander on their own, ended up in Minetropolis and other nearby protected areas. Needless to say, that doesn't really help them find a home; it may also give the impression that the server is more restrictive and more "used-up" than it actually is. I'm not sure how best to clarify that it's taken but that this is non-indicative without making people think the entire south is off limits, though.

Some of the bigger "wild" areas, like the half-continent north of Ender Station, are particularly hard to access. Perhaps add more explicit connections to those. Heck, I'd be willing to throw together portals at places I think could use them for that purpose.

The maps' existence are less than obvious, as has been stated by others. Furthermore, their importance doesn't seem to strike some players even when we tell them about them. On top of that, it's hard to tell much from Laurasia's map with its default settings; IMO, Laurasia's map should really show portals by default. It's hard to plot a reasonably short course to a destination without that, and I've found myself having to talk people through how to turn it on many times because of that.

A number of people have asked about "how to join a town". That we don't have a ready answer for that question may bewilder and discourage some of them.

Cimmeria is, quite frankly, griefer city. The registered servers being at all different is apparently not self-evident to new players, and this seems to make some of them nervous, particularly if staff seems indifferent to their fears. No idea how to address this one, alas.

EDIT: Oh, one other thing occurs to me: people seem to expect to be able to set their spawn from day 1. We tell them to use a bed, but it's not always easy to assemble a bed early on. Maybe make shears a little easier to come by early on, perhaps by adding a pair to the iron gear dispenser's set and not just the tutorial.

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Posted on September 2, 2019 at 23:22:30 [Post link]

I have a few suggestions and I would like to give you a comprehensive review of my experience in hopes of helping.


First off as a whole I love the server and the environment crafted by the team. The initial spawn into the pre-world is much like any other server there isn't much to say about that as it seems intuitive with little to say. However, upon going any of the survival worlds the feeling is confusion and frustration as I think you look at it through the perspective of people who know every corner of the map.
Yes, there are rails but to where? First getting into the server you don't have the live map and getting on a rail only to spend 5 minutes getting to a place you can't even build is frustrating enuff to want to quit. The moment you walk out of that first spawn square there are no signs to direct you out of the maze that is central or to the "community center" or "special transports". I didn't know what moose-mart was or that it existed for several days and finding Creeper Citidel was like trying to find a needle in a haystack as it's never explained that I'm looking for a tiny teleportation platform and not a "Citidel". As I was writing this I stopped to check out the tutorial.
That being said my favorite things about the server has to be Zero resets, science and The amazingly attentive and friendly staff.


(1) either a differently colored path to the "wild" or signs leading out to the "wild". Specifically Cimmeria.

(2) Laurasia: in the spawn area it would be great to have something explaining Moose-mart

(3) Laurasia: There is a couple of areas talked about on the signs "community center" but I didn't know what I was looking for.

(4) As previously mentioned minecarting to a location I can't build at is simply frustrating. So I suggest in this instance a one time teleport either north, south, west or east into the wild.

(5) On a few other servers, I have played one of the things I enjoyed the most was Heads specifically heads made to look like other foods like apples, pizza, and drinks, etc. it adds a lot to builds and i don't think this would stray too much from vanilla

(6) Lastly, I suggest some sort of /Science or /challenges to get a list of information on what's available and then something like /LostWoods to get a short introduction on what to expect and maybe how to find it. there are many areas such as the horsemen that I still have zero clue about how to get to them or there danger lvl in comparison to other science.

Tutorial Suggestions

(1) It would be nice to work in moose-mart at some point and what the teleportation platform that leads to creeper citadel looks like.

(2) The 7th room talks about /registration but I think it would be prudent to put up a sign that explains how to add your MC username and to re-log as these are the 2 things that I see staff repeat 5 times minimum a day.

:) I hope this is helpful and not too critical. :)


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Posted on September 4, 2019 at 2:14:30 [Post link]

The registration process could be a little more "user friendly" for new players that arent familiar with forums! I found that new players often were confused as to how to complete the registration process without assistance! Besides that great work! ❤

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Posted on September 6, 2019 at 20:50:20 [Post link]

I think the registration process is probably fine as-is. I seriously doubt the kind of people who say “registration is too hard” are the kind who would stick around.

Central is a bit crowded, but that’s a good way to show off the server’s age, so it’s not really a bad thing. I think that as long as people know where the farms are (so they can get some food for the road), they should be fine finding a place in the wilderness to build. Maybe a marked path of some kind (even if it’s just signs) to the farms might be helpful, if it isn’t already obvious.

Maybe a few pre-defined settlements could be made and linked to via nether rails? Just a few houses and farms. Then again, people can do the same along the transcontinental.

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Posted on September 16, 2019 at 4:47:45 [Post link]

It belatedly occurs to me that there's a relevant piece of tabletop RPG wisdom that could be applied here: the Three Clue Rule. Its most basic formulation is, "For every conclusion that you want your players to draw, include at least three clues." It was conceived of as a means of making mystery scenarios more playable, but given how many conclusions new players are supposed to draw about how to even begin around here and how few seem to draw them all, it also seems applicable here.


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