Hey folks. With the tendency for villages to be wiped out, and the preference to not generate new chunks with new villages, it can be kinda hard to get a villager when you need one - especially if you want a specific type. Therefore I've now setup a villager breeding system that can breed Desert, Taiga, Savanna, Snowy & Plains variants EDIT: all variants! with a direct nether connection.

I'm happy to give villagers away if you need them for your builds. The breeder gets the villagers to String Theory on the northern nether line without issue, and I'm willing to assist you in getting them to where you need them. No charge for the villagers, although I will gratefully accept donations of carrots, potatoes, beetroot and bread for rebreeding purposes.

Please message me if you want any villagers. Do not attempt to remove them from the breeder yourself as the rail setup is complex and I need to make sure to replace any that are taken.

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