1.16 Science Item Update Changelog

1.16 rolled around with a ton of background mechanics, so we took this opportunity to update some more items, especially to align with the new features added with the Nether update.

(If you remember, we had one of these for 1.14 too, here. )

The following are all items changed during this update; if you owned any of these items prior to 1.16, please visit the Science Workshop in the basement of the Post Office (at the Creeper Citadel) and have your items updated!

The Creeper Citadel:
Zombie Pigman Prizeroom Key
Combat Training Helmet
Combat Training Chestplate
Combat Training Leggings
Combat Training Boots
Combat Training Sword
Combat Training Shield
Combat Training Bow

The Lost Woods:
Dark Master Sword - (This is a different item from the normal 'Master Sword' received from the Deku Tree.)


White Anguish

Shattered Sands:
Earth Reaver
Anima Core Body of Zamorak
Anima Core Body of Sliske
Anima Core Body of Seren
Anima Core Body of Zaros
Notch Apple
Demon Sword Ghirahim

Shoals of the Departed:
Apocalypse Anima Boots
Abyssal Armor Boots
Dark Realm Boots

West Halfway:
Sauron's Mace

Event items:
Pumpkin Candle

Merit items:
Pumpkin Candle Replica

Player heads may have lost textures due to a mechanic change in the 1.15 -> 1.16 update; if you find any heads you've received from science or bought from moosemart that are lacking the correct textures (showing a default steve/alex head), bring them to us to get fixed!