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Mega Man: the Wily Wars getting a physical release, Update by Dr. Cossack

You thought that Mega Man: the Wily Wars [getting included in the Sega Genesis Mini]( was a surprise? I've got something to one-up this: [the game is getting a physical, North American release](, this year.

For those not in a know, Wily Wars is a compilation of Mega Man 1 to 3, remade for the Sega Genesis. If you're familiar with Super Mario All-Stars, which compiled and remade the NES Mario games for the SNES, Wily Wars essentially did the same with the first three Mega Man titles. A solid effort, it never received a physical release in North America, so it went unknown to a lot of potential players.

Thanks to Retro-Bit, this oversight is finally getting rectified! With the blessing of Capcom, the game is getting a physical release as a Sega Genesis cartridge, fully compatible with the original console for those that still have one. This package is a collector's edition with additional goodies, such as a certificate of authenticity, an instruction manual, cards, a poster and more.

This [limited release will begin pre-orders this Friday]( at 10am, Eastern time, and will run for a month. The entire package will sell for $69.99 / €69,99. If you're interested in the game, this is an opportunity that you won't want to miss!

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