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I had just joined the server and was looking for a big flat land to start out, I thought I had found the land but then when I started mining to start my build I was banned for griefing it turned out I was about 100 blocks away from the land I wanted to build on and thought the land I was mining was it :/ so yeah that's how that happened, sorry about that I didn't know, and I'd also like to apologize to the person who mined their property. Bro honestly I was so happy to start out but then banned lol you should have seen the look on my face :joy: you don't gotta unban me if you don't wanna its only 3 days, as long as you read this its fine B)

Hi atomic or itachi idk which one of you gave me the directions to the community center but thx ;)


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Hello Mystic,

Just in case you were waiting for a response, the ban has long since ended. The appeal was noticed on the second day of the ban, and as such no response was given as there was only one day left. You are free to rejoin at your convenience if you chose to do so.

  • Itachi