After another day of weirdness, it's time to return to our regular schedule! As I have a varied audience, I scatter pranks in a few different locations to try and get everyone's attention. This year involved:

  • Setting the forums to rotate every second, clock-wise.
  • Placing real Interordi NFTs for sale.
  • Removing several platforms in the lobby and replacing them with suspended minecart lines.

Not everyone was a fan of the lobby, as it was very easy to misstep and fall to their doom. The NFTs had a mixed reception, from "are those real" and "you madman" through "this is no joke". Many weren't sure if those were legit, but yes, I went the full distance and made a completely legitimate news post and release. A few clever people tried to view the forums on their phones and rotate their screens to keep up with the display. Creative approach, I'll give them that!

And now, some numbers!

  • 22 NFTs were minted and put up for sale!
  • Of those, were bought! What, you're not into virtual collectibles?
  • A concerning players mentioned the USS Voyager. It was even placed within sight of the survival block!
  • 62 bodies fell out of the world.
  • The forums would complete a rotation in 60 seconds!

Back to normal... for now! ;-)

The admin formerly known as Dr. Cossack.

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