The clues, for out of game reference:

  • C418 - 13 - One of the more common discs, found in a chest on wheels!
  • C418 - cat - Hidden away in an structure in a very hot climate. You remember how to solve the puzzle, right?
  • C418 - blocks - Stolen by pirates who stick to tradition when hiding their loot. X marks the spot.
  • C418 - chirp - This disc is located in the ruins of a strangely familiar building.
  • C418 - far - This disc is still with it's traditional keeper, but only a stray arrow can help you recover it.
  • C418 - mall - You'll have to travel a long way to find this. Try not to bump your head on the ceiling too much when you get there.
  • C418 - mellohi - This disc is being held by some of the smallest and most useless hostile mobs. Depending on where you look, Silk Touch may make it harder to find them.
  • C418 - stal - The large creatures that have this disc think it helps with fatigue. Retrieving it from them will be a monumental task.
  • C418 - strad - Sometimes available from a friendly fellow in blue.
  • C418 - ward - Recreate a bug from an early Wild Update beta and give someone an extra large meal!
  • C418 - 11 - This disc is now in the posession of a necromancer who holds the key to resurrection.
  • C418 - wait - Participate in the ultimate battle with this flying beast, and hope your disc doesn't fall off the edge!
  • Lena Raine - otherside - You will need to be very very quiet when looking for this disc.
  • Lena Raine - Pigstep - Stolen from the piglins, this disc is now found in chests that are under the protection of some of the strongest denizens of the nether.
  • Samuel Åberg - - 5 Ancient Cities were plundered and many fragments of this disc were taken, but their new owners would much rather have some gold.