This contest is similar to my Make your own Net Navi contset.

The Rules are:

1.Make your own Megaman X Maverick by giving a drawn example.

2.Make at least 3 attacks for him/her.

3.Give a short history of what it did before it became a Maverick.

4.Tell what animal its based off of and why.

5.Tell about his/her stage and if it has one tell about his/her miniboss

6.Tell about the Special Weapon X recieves.Also tell what technique Zero recieves.

Hope you guys have fun doing it.Try your best and get a drawn example with the description.But if its IMPOSSIBLE than a detailed description will be fine.

Go to SB-C n00bs!


Guess what?


I'm BACK!! ( If anyone even knew me back when I was here )