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My friend who used to come here is forcing me to post this, he says i can't borrow Megaman Anniversary Collection if i don't, which is totally mean. so everything after this sentence is his.

From what I've read and heard about both sides, and from what I've heard from my own advisors (my parents for god's sake), I unfortunately am moving towards Kerry. No, I'm not a republican. No, I'm not a Pro-bush supporter. Personally, I despise Kerry.

Sure the media says a lot of good things about him, but don't forget that he DID lie, and that he DID botch his military records to make himself look good. It seems that the only argument he ever makes has something to do with his military career as a "War hero (ooooh, ahhh)", and when it comes right down to it, very few people even give a damn about it.

I certainly don't. However, I don't like Bus because of what he stands for. I'm not necessarily against or for Abortion, but making Gay marriages illegal and pronouncing his true "christianity" is just going too far in my opinion. Let's not forget that in the constitution, the US government can't openly endorse any type of religion. And, I don't think America was made on Christian values, only that some of the ammendments and certain morals that we believe in derive from the Christian viewpoints. Plus, I don't think Bush has any better leadership than Kerry, because he basically HAS no military career.

Granted, Kerry's career isn't exactly as reliable, but I'd have to vote for him.

But, my advice (agree or not) is to stop saying what he DID, and start telling what he'll DO, and give some inkling as to how he's gonna do it, rather than making promises with no hope of succeeding (something about creating a better income . . . tax thingy policy).

Just Friendly Words.

By the way, don't blame Wayne. He just really likes Megaman.

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Maniacal Maverick, you best get a job, earn money, and buy the MM:AC yourself because you won't be able to post anything like this here on these boards.