The idea here, is for each of us to create something for a new X game. It can range from scripting, to character creation, or if anyone is up to it, spriting or drawn artwork.

Here is the thing, all the ideas that each of us come up with, will be merged into our own game.

To start things off, I have a few character ideas, boss wise, playable and mid-bosses. I will also start it out with the intro story.

X= The opening level is for X only, no one else is allowed to play through it. Zero becomes available after the game is beat once.

Zero= Becomes available when the boss option screen shows. Only Zero can rescue certain reploids, because some walls can only be broken with the saber.

Axl= Unlocked by beating the game with both X and Zero. His Copy abilities are needed to gain access into certain areas, unlocking doors for the others to find secret stuff.

New guys: Playable after rescued

Bronx= A street fighter based guy, he is a human in Replishell. His common attacks are, E. Hondas Hundred Hand Slap and Fei Longs Rising Fire Kick. Other moves are rewarded from bosses. Level Found: Jungle Training Grounds

Khryztal= A female version of Dynamo, she uses a Duel Saber, that she can use as a boomerang, or seperate them so she has a saber in each hand. Level Found: The Reversed Waterfall.

New Bad Guys:

Thrash= A silent stalker type, he doesn't like to talk, he doesn't like any of his employers. On his last job, when he finished it, after collecting his payment. He killed his employer, reasons are unknown.

Opening Level: Alpha City Rooftops= Description yet to come...

New Mavericks:
Aztec Cobra= He resides in the Jungle Training Grounds, that are close by to Maverick Hunter HQ. He spends half the time coiled up in a corner, striking you with his electric tail, or attempting to bite you. When uncoiled, his body can stretch from one side of the room to the other. Sending Shock Ripples in random directions or shoots Lectric Needles from the tip of his tail

Background: He was once a Repliforce Captain, during the time when Repliforce was labeled as mavericks, he hid himself in the Training Grounds. Suddenly, an unknown figure finds him, offering him a chance to avenge his fallen comrades. Not only did he accept the offer, he also decided to try to prove to the world, that the Hunters, are the actual mavericks.

Mid-Boss for the level: Lagoonborus= Quite similiar to the mid-boss in Launch Octopus' level. He is brown instead of red, it can also spit toxic waste out of his mouth.

Intro Story:

April 9th, 21xx
There is a meteor shower tonite, over half the population on the planet is waiting for this moment. I myself, am hoping to watch it from the stratosphere, in my personalized craft.

April 10th, 21xx
Something unimaginable accured last night, one of the meteors found its way to earth. But instead of crash landing into the earth, it stopped. It now hovers in one spot, as if it is watching the planet. My bosses, X and Zero don't like it one bit. I myself, believe that we may finally have an answer to a question. Are we alone in this universe?

April 12th, 21xx
I have an answer, we are not alone. Earth is in grave danger, Mechanical beings have emerged from the rock. They are making friends with the Mavericks, along with random acts of destruction. What is their purpose?

April 17th, 21xx
Dear journal, I am dying. One of the aliens attacked me, I recently found out, that there target is to destroy human life. My injuries are beyond healing, I gave X my study notes, along with profiles of Mavericks that they have elited. This is my last entry, if anyone finds this journal, do me one favor. Search for the ancient hero, he dwells amongst us, all I know about him is his name. Duo.


Anyone can jump in and other mavericks or characters, just keep in mind, if you want to create a playable character, make sure to include how he/she becomes available. Yes, some human characters are required. As for the Final Boss, I will be in charge of him.

Anyone interested in dialogues between characters, can do so. Add more to the actual story. Plus, there are three openings for Intermission Alien Maverick, or I.A.M.

Lets have fun with this people,

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