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Wily Wars SRAM patch, Update by Dr. Cossack

As those of you who've tried the game over the years might know, the ROM version of Mega Man: the Wily Wars doesn't save properly. You'll access the save menu, your changes will be seen there, but once you reset the game... your progress will be lost! This is because the game uses a less-common method of saving which few emulators support. That's why we have to rely on savestates to gain access to the Wily Tower bonus mode available once you beat Mega Man 1 to 3.

To fix this once and for all, MottZilla has created a patch for the game that will change it's saving method to use a format supported by most emulators. As a result, you can now play and save the game as intended, then reach the Wily Tower mode eventually without any cheating!

With this patch now available, it pretty much ties up everything related to accessing the full content of the game. Those who have been following this site for years might understand why I'm taking the time to highlight this fact!

Get the file now from the Downloads section!

Note that the ROM file use for patching must be in BIN format, not SMD.

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