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Fishing Contest Results!, Update by WindRider739

First, I want to thank everyone for turning out for the fishing event, and making it a smashing success! We had 17 people on the pier, nine of which were there as early as a half an hour before the contest began! Your support and excitement for the event has guaranteed that there will be more special events in the near future!

Here are the scores for our fishing contest!

xlorditachix - 83
cmzangetsu93 - 84
MagicMarker101 - 87
Oondivinezin - 92
laladoll - 95
kingdaddytoad - 101
Sphenicus - 117
DrCossack - 126
iKatze 130
Ashalina - 144
frogdrek1 - 148
Anonymous_SoFar - 151
Nikkehammerfist - 157
Tranxalive - 162

Congratulations to Tranxalive, who won the fishing contest, and a pot of 20 diamond blocks! A special congratulations to xlorditachix who despite not placing high on points (that's luck, I suppose!) managed to win a diamond block for fishing out the coolest item; an enchanted book with 14 levels of enchants on it!

I think everyone had fun, and we even got a special donation from someone who enjoyed watching us stream the contest! If you have a cool idea for an event we can run, send DrCossack or myself, WindRider739 a message letting us know!

I'm glad all you creepers turned out for the event, and I hope we can make the next event even bigger!

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