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Event: tag!, Update by Dr. Cossack

This Saturday, February the 14th, is Valentine's Day. Since it's a Saturday, it's also time for another Events Night! To show that we love our players, we invite them to be on the server for a large game of tag. Tag... with EXPLOSIVES!!

Skreelink and I, Dr. Cossack, have prepared a game of tag in a brand new arena, Den of the Dead. You're invited to join us this Saturday, at 10pm Eastern time, for a fun game that's easy to understand and play for everyone. You don't need any equipment or practice: you just need to run and punch people! As such, you can just show up at the last minute and join in!

The way the game works is simple: all players enter the game, and when everyone is ready, everyone registered is thrown in the arena. One player is tagged with a TNT block on his head. He must then punch another person quickly to pass it along. When the countdown is over, whoever is "it" explodes, another player is tagged, and the game is over when only one person remains! One twist: whoever is "it" runs faster than the other players, giving them a chance to be free!

The event will run for 45-60 minutes, depending of how many show up, and prizes will be awarded to those with the highest score! You can earn points by passing the tag away and surviving as many rounds as possible.

The more players we have, the more fun this will be! Tell everyone to jump in, and we'll see you for an hopefully explosive event!


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