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Topic: Resonant Rise Server!, Come join us!

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Posted on July 7, 2015 at 12:44:20 [Post link]

Hey, guys. It's been a while, right? I kind of got sucked into the Stygian succubus that is modded Minecraft. And now you can, too! I talked to Doc about advertising here, by the way. I'm not hijacking the Calmwaters ;)

I'm one of four founders of the Minecraft server Wayward Creepers. We're a modded server utilizing the 1.6.4 build of Resonant Rise through the AT launcher. We want more active players, so I'm here to invite everyone to come check it out. We're a fun, friendly server and we're looking to build a community where everyone thrives, much like the one Creeper's Lab has. We'll soon be doing building contests with various in-game and out-of-game prizes and setting up games for fun and competition.

A little background on our server; it was started by myself, MaximumRose, ColonelFury and Caiomhe. Rose and I have a long history with Creeper's Lab, but wanted something with mods. We met Fury and Caiomhe on a Monster 1.6.4 server. We didn't like the way the staff there ignored their player base and dragged their feet on getting things done. Pulling from a wealth of collective experience, we decided to start our own server where every player would be free to voice their concerns or suggestions, and everyone would be listened to regardless of whether they were newcomers, veterans, players or staff. We want a server that's fun for everyone; casual, creative, hardcore, young, old, etc.

We are hosted through a professional server, which means we're up at all times. We're running an obscene amount of RAM on a great processor, so there's minimal server-side lag (client side and connect lag are still a thing). We're running the 1.6.4 modpack, and if you're unfamiliar with how to work mods, there's a handy install guide in the nav-bar of our website. Blood Magic and Ars Magicka 2 are both activated (most RR servers have them deactivated).

Visit our site, fill out a whitelist application, download the modpack and join us today! If you have any problems, shoot staff a message or hop on our teamspeak server. We'd be glad to help you and excited to have you!



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Posted on July 7, 2015 at 23:45:49 [Post link]

As luck would happen to have it, I am from PMC and would like to do a full review. I can haz ops?

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