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Day 4: First anniversary for Miranda!, Update by Dr. Cossack

What makes the Creeper's Lab successful doesn't come only from my own efforts: what some of you do outside of the standard gameplay can really make a difference too! Some people maintain our social media pages, others talk about this place to the friends and plenty help new players in whatever way they can.

Among these larger efforts, there are Skreelink's servers... and it just happens that Miranda, his place focused on large builds, is one year old as of today! Happy anniversary!

What some people might not realize is that Skree actually has three servers available for you! I figured I'd mark the occasion by reminding you of what he's offering.


Miranda, as explained above, is focused on large builds. While it still runs on Survival mode, an item store called Super C is available right in front of spawn. For the low low price of a single iron ingot, you can obtain and walk out with all the blocks you can carry. Some of the items offered for building are not even available through standard survival gameplay, like End portal frames! This makes it much easier to gather large amounts of materials that might take hours to gather otherwise.

During Wednesday evenings happens what is called Contractors Evening: at a request, flight mode is given to all for a few hours. That gives players a chance to get some more difficult building steps done, like high towers or tricky overhangs, without fear of falling.

Miranda can be accessed from the Creeper's Lab lobby (/lobby), in the Affiliates section. Note that only players with a Trusted rank can access it!


Ouroboros has been made available for those looking to prototype their creations: it's a smaller creative location on a flat world where you can quickly play around with your ideas before committing to them. This is only for development, though, as it gets reset on a regular basis.

This one is only accessible to those who've earned the Contractor rank in Miranda (not to be confused with Contractors Evening). This is a title that is only awarded to those you have made significant contributions on Miranda, so if you're interested in visiting Ouroboros - get building! To enter it, from Miranda, type in /ouroboros. To go back, simply do /miranda. Both commands will only work from Skree's servers.


How about walking in a virtual movie theater, only to sit down and actually watch a movie playing on a big screen? This is what Mu is all about. This modded server, running under a special build of 1.7.10, allows you to claim a spot, build actual screens, and project almost anything that can be viewed in a web browser in them. This works especially well for places like YouTube, but multiple other sources are available as well. Note that this only works on Windows-based systems.

To access this, Skree created a simple to use package: download this, extract it, launch minecraftftp.exe, login, access Multiplayer, pick the first entry, and voila - you're in! For more information, please see Skree's related forum topic. This explains how to actually build and interact with the screens.

If you've never dropped by any of these three locations, I highly suggest that you go to see them, even if it's only to look at the multiple builds that are available there. Who knows, maybe it'll give you some ideas!

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I love Miranda!

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One year?! How'd I never hear about Miranda before?

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