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Topic: April's Fools Day 2017: the results!, Let's blow stuff up!

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Posted on April 2, 2018 at 4:44:55 [Post link]

I'm writing this as a look back to what happened last year. I initially didn't write this as I had the impression that no one was really interested, but I've got some requests for it after all, so here goes nothing!

For this year, I based my work on a classic saying: Kag liked to suggest blowing things up from orbit, while I'd always counter that we should begin with Sanctum first. As such, this map was centered on Sanctum, with no protections included. Every minute or so, a random player among those online would be granted a block of TNT, inciting him to go blow things up. PvP was enabled, so it was also likely that other players would be targets. To increate the risk of explosions, creepers would spawn all over while a strong thunderstorm raged on. Can you say "charged creepers"?

People didn't waste any time laying waste to some areas, especially around the spawn point. Things deteriorated pretty badly over the day, as more and more players joined in.

On the chat front, everyone was labelled as "Admin", making things a bit harder to read than usual. Additionally, a random person sometimes ended up with double brackets around their name. Whenever this happened, they would no longer be able to place or break blocks, which could get annoying fast. Exactly why and how this happened remains a mystery to this day...

As is now tradition, I stuffed the USS Voyager on the map. In this case, it was hidden under a layer of ice West of the train station, calling back to the Star Trek Voyager episode Timeless. Some people had fun by invading it and causing enough damage for a warp core breach!

I know that some people get antsy when the real Laurasia isn't available to play for an entire day. I actually had the server online for anyone that could locate it: its connection point was stuffed in the Games section of the lobby, taking the place of Racing. No one apparently figured it out, though, so it just sat unused.

I don't have detailed stats for this, as I no longer have the detailed logs of the day. What happened in Sanctum will stay in Sanctum...

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