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External: New Year's SCIENCE Giveaway Results, Update by MediaKlepto

We're getting even closer to the end of the year, and now our week of preparations leading up to the giveaway has also concluded.

We had a great turn-out of 33 players show up this week, and as promised we whipped up even more prize packages to hand out. Some players have already received their winnings, but we've still got plenty to go around for those of you who missed out on the chance to grab them tonight. Feel free to poke MediaKlepto or SorathePumpking in-game or on Discord to catch up with us when we're around to snag a shulker full of goodies.

As a special added bonus, we also conducted a super secret raffle drawing alongside the giveaway, where a single lucky player would receive an as of yet unreleased set of Golden Warpriest Armor from an upcoming Horseman Challenge area. The blessing of the Squidgods have fallen on BiGsTiVo this time, so congrats to him!

Thanks to everyone who joined us this week, and here's to hoping for another great year of mining and crafting!

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