Rails, rails, rails... Did you enjoy the scenery?

For this year's event, the standard lobby was replaced by a new one, located in a playable survival world. Players in-game were presented with three options: Fun, Boring, and Hmm.

Fun would drop you back inside the Classic-style building contest we had a few months back, with the limitation on the block types lifted. It was a rare opportunity for players to build something in creative mode on the Creeper's Lab!

Boring simply dropped you back into Laurasia, with nothing out of the ordinary happening there. Call it a minor concession to those who complain that they can't play as they like on April's Fools Day... even though Laurasia was available last year, it's just that people didn't look for it!

Hmm was the original one. Building on the fact that lots of horsepath and rail construction happened lately, I added a rail starting from spawn heading... out there. Where to? That's what people were invited to find out! As some of you realized pretty quickly, this was an endless, self-replicating rail that'd continue into the forever. I pulled off this trick using structure blocks!

I wanted the rail generation to not be so obvious, but you can only place structure elements 32 blocks away from the starting point. Considering that the structure itself was getting replicated, that only left me with 16 blocks to work with, which meant that you could see it working. On the other hand, this also meant that people couldn't completely grief the rail: the next rider would cause it to regenerate!

To try to push people to explore the new options, the connection point was set to always drop you in the lobby world rather than return you to your last location directly, which is the usual behavior.

On side notes (hehe, side... get it?), the website for the Creeper's Lab was rotated by 90 degrees, but fully operational otherwise. The forums went for a more dizzying option, with a random rotation being set on each page load. If it looked too hard to use, you could just refresh the page and try again!

And now, for some stats!

  • The endless rail's longest distance travelled was a cool 180 kilometres!
  • 1 person built in creative! Survival addicts much?
  • A solid 4 people are boring and immediately went back to Laurasia after midnight! (Cue Sora's "BUSY" )
  • Reaching the distance of the old Far Lands would have needed 18 days of continuous riding!
  • Getting to the current world limit would take over 43 days at full speed!
  • By the end of this ride, the temp lobby world used up 1.8 GB of disk space!

No USS Voyager this year, sorry! The tools I usually use to plant it on a map are not compatible with 1.13, so I had to keep it off. If I had the tools for it, it would have been placed within view of the rail, a few thousand blocks out. I'm happy to see that some of you thought to look for it, though. It'll return eventually!

Did you have fun? :-)

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