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An update on ban policies, Update by Doctacosa

After careful consideration, and since the Creeper's Lab has been around for several years now, we've decided to update our policies on bans.

As of today, we're adopting a three strikes system, based on the severity of the offence(s). In some instances, like major griefing and unacceptable attitudes, permanent bans will still be issued right away.

First strike: 3 days ban
Second strike: 1 month ban
Third strike: Permanent

The rules page has been updated with this new information.

This also opens up the possibility of appeals for previously permanent bans. If you believe that you can make a valid case for yourself, please do so in the newly opened forum topic on appeals. This lets anyone in the staff who's aware of the situation reply as needed, which might be preferable to private messages as things might be addressed faster this way. Many appeals will be flat out denied, especially for people who have received several warnings, so be aware.

Of note, temporary bans will not appear in the Wall of Shame, only permanent ones.

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