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New backing options: annual plan and new currencies!, Update by Doctacosa

Thanks to recent improvements on Patreon's platform, I'm now able to offer two new options to you!

First, something that I've been asked about a few times: annual payments instead of monthly! This way, you can prepay for an entire year, showing your support without having to worry about having another monthly bill. Plus, you're getting 8% off the total amount, which works out to a free month! New patrons, you will find this option right under the "Join" buttons. Existing backers who want to switch, please check out this help page for the details.

Second, Europeans now have the choice to pay in Euro (€) or British Pounds (£) instead of using the US Dollar ($), giving you amounts that will be more familiar without having to deal with conversion fees. Plus, by picking one of these options, you're locking in the exchange rate, ensuring that you pay a fixed amount per month rather than something that changes slightly every time. Hopefully, this is something that some of you will appreciate! To change the currency you pay in, please check these instructions.

As a reminder, backing me on Patreon helps to cover the basic server costs plus the added advertising, which is key to bring in new players and build a healthy community. Thank you for your consideration!

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