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Event: Welcome to the Night of Fright, Update by Doctacosa

Welcome, ghouls, ghosts and other demons to our special Halloween event.

First things first, while this has already concluded, it's now back as a permanent feature: TNT Tag makes its grand return at last! This minigame, available directly from the lobby, challenges you and others to play tag in a designated arena. Some players are It, with a block of TNT on their heads. If you're wearing one, make sure to tag someone else quickly, because when the countdown reaches zero, that TNT blows up and you're eliminated! The game proceeds in rounds until only one player is left standing. Much like Parkour and PvP, this is now available at all times.

Bedrock players, the heads aren't currently visible, making it difficult to find who needs to be tagged. This is expected to get fixed as the compatibility level increases.

Our second event starts now and will last a week. Make your way to Laurasia's Central, at the TransHub, near Grand Central Station. There, you can access the Seasonal server on a special map. Your goal: the Horsemen crave destruction and have recruited YOU to help tear this new location apart! Due to the high targets, you're highly encouraged to work in teams of up to three players.

Here's the content of the guide provided to you in this event, holding more information.

This book contains a list of the Destruction Objectives for the event, as well the Horseman Point values each team can earn for the objectives. Each team member will receive the listed amount for each objective finished at the end of the event!

The ending Horseman Point prizes can be used with various traders around science; a warp to a special gathering of these traders is available via the TransHub in central, for easy viewing!

The Collection Platform is located beneath the spawn hub at the world's center. Label an area with (up to) the 3 team member's usernames, and setup chests to hold each objective. Only items on the designated team's platform will count for prizes.

Several mild Challenge Mobs will be roaming the world, noted by their visible name. Defeat these mobs to claim their equipment for your own! Careful though, what they carry on them cannot be found anywhere else!

Some areas around the world may be protected, these locations all mostly contain prizes to earn via puzzles or in hiding places. If it looks out of place or is a rare item, take a swing a...

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