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Halloween event results!, Update by Doctacosa

You mined, gathered supplies then deposited them where they belonged. Congratulations, you won the matching amount of Horseman points! The final tally for each team goes as such:

axe_y, GroovyBanana, Connovan - 25 points
GingeKoda, BioZombieActive - 25 points
Kimonellos, Coneva, revjho2kb - 25 points
Twixxi - 25 points
MediaKlepto, MineshaftBob, UnknownEntity634 - 25 points
BroItsTAG, Rebbica007, SorathePumpking - 25 points
Doctacosa - 6 points
~alecmon26362, Aaranvor, ~giratinarevenge - 6 points
neededet - 5 points
Exodio - 4 points

To get your Horseman Points, get in touch with Sora. Now is also the chance to go get your supplies out of Seasonal and into the Survival servers. Do this as early as possible, as the server will go back offline in a few days.

Good work, all!

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