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December events & updates, Update by Doctacosa

We're having another month with plenty to keep you busy!

This Saturday, the 19th, right as Event Night starts, Kimonellos invites you for a Christmas-themed event that will run for an entire week. You get to do something different, then earn rewards for your efforts at the end! The full details will be posted as the event begins, make sure to be there!

Furthermore, with the likely cancellation of many New Year's Eve parties, Coneva has cooked up something to have some low-risk, high-energy fun. Get in-game at 8pm Eastern time on the 31st in order to participate; the teleporters network will be enabled for this special occasion! A reminder will be posted a few days before.

In Kenorland, Grindatron is still ongoing. There are no losers in this, only winners as every single point you earn is yours to keep, so be sure to enter! Starting on day 1, day 15 or day 30 only changes the amount of points you can possibly earn, as there is no catch-up to do.

Our Bedrock support is ever improving! Some of you have already noticed that placed heads now have their proper appearances, players can see their own skins and movement is more reliable overall. There is still some work to be done, of course, so you can look forward to further updates!

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