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Event: Help Santa for Christmas!, Update by Doctacosa

It's been a long year for everyone, even for the jolly guy in red at the North Pole. Santa is getting ready to distribute his gifts, but he needs your help to make that happens on time! Kimonellos has planned out something to help you do just that.

That's the starting point of this event, which is entirely located on the Seasonal server, accessible from Central. From there, you need to complete a quest in three parts.

The forest
Mobs are roaming the forest surrounding the starting village. You need to venture out there to kill mobs and gather their drops. Two types of mobs are present, dropping various types of parts.

Santa's workshop
Bring the drops you have gathered to Santa's workshop, where you can trade them in to obtain gifts prepared by the elves. This is also where you can eventually cash-in your rewards.

The village
You can then bring these gifts back to the village and place them... under the Christmas trees, of course! Please insert one gift at a time to avoid overloading the trees. Once this is completed, you will obtain Christmas Points, which can be redeemed back at Santa's workshop. Getting enough Christmas Points might even get you some rare Merit Vouchers!

You can do this set of trades as much as you want to gather more Christmas Points and/or rewards, so you can try this for a few minutes only or play for several hours. Try to collect the whole set!

Note that you can use your regular inventory in seasonal then bring the rewards back to the survival servers, so pack in a shulker box or two to move items around! Head to Central's TransHub, right next to the train station and TARDIS in Central, to access the seasonal server.

This event begins NOW and will end on Christmas Day. Help Santa when you get the chance!

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