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Event: End of year party!, Update by Doctacosa

It's time for our last event of the year, right on New Year's Eve. Take it over, Coneva!

It's been a long year, hasn't it? Most of us stuck at home, with nowhere to go-- except into a game.. or two... or more. XD

And most definitely Minecraft was among them, offering adventure and travel right from our seats.

Creeper's Lab welcomed the integration of Bedrock into our Java servers, expanding our player base with a lot of new faces. In spite of the gridlock that the real world around us became, our beloved server became more active than ever.

So what could be better to welcome our newest players, and reconnect with old friends, than with a classic Creeper's Lab game night?!

New Year's Eve, starting 8 pm, (EST), join us for a special events night!

We will kick off the evening with several rounds of TNT Tag, where the winner will receive a special in-game award to show off back at their home base. Following this, feel free to join us in several special arena challenges and games, where the only loss will be the fun if you miss it. (There might even be some bonuses if you do participate.)

We will wrap up the event with a return to Townshend where, as our longtime players know, the boardwalk is loaded with 'larger than life' board games and activities!

Keep Inventory will be turned on in Laurasia for the event, and turned off when everyone goes to bed XD.

So grab your favorite beverage and come play with us for a fun filled Night to help us ring in the New Year!

See you in game!

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