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January updates - Race Away and more!, Update by Doctacosa

Race Away!

Nature is angry.

You've plundered the land, grinded resources, all to empower yourself and hopefully earn a few points. Did you ever consider the consequences of such efforts, though...?

This month's challenge in Kenorland is Race Away! You start at 0, 0, with no equipment, and you must reach the highest X coordinate in the month by running East. Flee away from 2020, from these troubles, and run, run East, as far as you can!

There are no horses and no Nether to provide shortcuts. Dying sends you allllllll the way back to the beginning, so be careful! You can only move on the Z axis between -500 and 500.

All runners will earn Merit Points based on the amount of participants. Let's say that 10 people enter this month: whoever comes up first will earn 10 points, the second place 9, the third place 8, and so on. If there are 15 entrants, the first place will get 15 points, second 14, etc.

But remember: nature is angry.

Grindatron results

Last month's Grindatron saw quite a bit of activity from many people! Here is the final tally of the amount of targets reached by each player.

revjho2KB: 101
Doctacosa: 88
Kimonellos: 80
Coneva: 77
Daydefender5634: 73
BioZombieActive: 65
GingeKoda: 62
Pteryx: 43
GodofRandom23: 33
Connovan: 32
MineshaftBob: 12
D_0c: 10
~giratinarevenge: 9
xKamachi: 5
Redrockdraco: 4
BrendanRawrs: 4
~SinisterSiren49: 1
Garn3tButt3rfly: 1
Diamondmaster70: 1

All of your points have been assigned; you can see them in your profile or with a /points in-game.

Raid bosses

The raid bosses at the Hunter's Lodge are now set on a twelve months schedule to ensure a proper rotation. To open up the new year, John Madden and Bagel Man are waiting to be picked on. Plus, I hear that Jack Torrance and Redrum are still somewhere in ...

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