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Building contests: shops at Kamachi's, Update by Doctacosa

Did I hear someone say "building contest when"? I'm pretty sure I heard someone say "building contest when". So, building contest NOW! Our resident YouTuber xKamachi is inviting you to build shops at his location, with the top prize being a $10 Amazon gift card. Read on for the full details!

First, here is the full video with the story introduction, followed by the directions and contest details:


Your building goal is to claim a lot then create a shop from any time period.

As usual, select a plot, put a sign with your name on it to claim the spot, and get building! You own your plot from bedrock to sky limit; make sure not to interfere with the nearby players.

As an incentive to get you to start early, four larger plots are available on a first come, first serve basis. The rest all have a standard 20x20 building area.

The building period starts NOW and lasts until the end of 15 March.


The contest area is at xKamachi's place, directly accessible from the overworld Western Line.

Alternatively, you can access the West Nether rail, stop at Salad Facts (the second substation), go down two floors and follow the Kamachi Tawa line. Exit the building, turn right, and you're there!


Three winners will be selected. The top winner will get a $10 Amazon giftcard while all three get a selection of items, including armor, banners, building blocks and more. I invite you to check the video description for the full list!

Judging will happen soon after the building period has closed.

Good luck to everyone!

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