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Monthly rotation of challenges, Update by Doctacosa

It's time for a new set of challenges and targets as we enter the month of March!

Kenorland: Randomizer

Do you like to expect the unexpected? Then go try your hand at figuring out the madness that Kenorland offers this month! In this special world, everything you can encounter is randomized, including but not limited to mined blocks, mob drops, crafting recipes, and more!

Anyone who tries the challenge and lasts more than a minute will earn 5 Merit Points.

Guilds: Rodinia opens!

If you missed it, last month saw the opening of the Guilds of the Creeper's Lab. Assuming that you completed the targets in February, then do the new ones that became available today, you can level up and gain access to the Rodinia guildhall! You will find it a short distance south from spawn, next to Rodinia Central Station.

To access the Rodinia challenges, you first need to purchase the certificate of the selected guild in Laurasia, then bring it to the reception desk in Rodinia. Once you've unlocked your access, you can safely store away your certificate.

Science areas

The Hunter's Lodge takes a green shade this month with Evil Leprechauns, while a familiar friend from Requiem is in the vicinity. All Horsemen Quests have also been cycled; go to the Creeper Citadel to view the full list in one convenient location!

As a reminder, the science areas, which include everything related to the Horsemen and more, get regular updates and tuning. You can track these improvements by checking the changelog on the forums; consider subscribing to the topic to get notified about any updates!

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