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Easter is upon us!, Update by SorathePumpking

Peter Cottontail invites ye to join him on his ship The Miracle Worker and play hide-and-seek with his children starting on April 3, 2021 until April 4, 2021 during Events Night! Make sure ye find all his children in order to claim yer booty hidden on his ship!

Visit the Creeper Citadel to start yer adventure. The island is located on the right of Moosemart.

Did ye miss out on the Easter 2020 basket? For a limited time, ye can receive a 2020 Replica Easter Basket for an Easter ticket, provided upon entrance to the event!

I suppose yer wonderin what yer booty is, aye? Well yer not gonna want to miss this! A netherite block! Ye heard me correctly mates! Ye will also receive a 2021 Easter basket!

Make sure ye don't miss out! It will be a-MAZE-ing!

This event was made possible by Rebbica007

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