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Monthly update: science, guilds and more, Update by Doctacosa

Kenorland: UHC in an ancient setting*

UHC makes a return in Kenorland, featuring a very appropriate April-themed map. This is one where completing the four targets could be as entertaining as exploring this unique world itself, so make sure you don't miss it!


Today is Easter, and to celebrate, the Hunter's Lodge features Sæhrímnir, a Predatory Teddy Bear, Scared Children and none other than Zombie Jesus.

Plus, for the item gatherers out there, all Horsemen Quests have been updated.


New quests are accessible to everyone in Laurasia, plus Rodinia's doors are open to everyone who has gathered enough point in each respective guild.

For those wondering how the competition on Grand Masters is going, Twixxi had the following to say: "There are currently 19 Players still in the running for Grand Master of at least one Guild, with five of those Players being in the running for all six of them! Each of the six Guilds have between 6 and 13 Players still in the running."

The competition is still strong, and there's always the chance of current forerunners falling behind, so keep on completing these tasks if you want to have a chance at earning a unique Grand Master status!

We now have a page on the wiki listing all monthly challenges, which we aim to update as soon as each person has rotated their section. Consider keeping a bookmark to that reference so you can easily access it!

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