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Building contest: a city in Levansk!, Update by Doctacosa

You might have heard about Levansk lately. A group has settled around it, the walls are up, it's now time to fill in the place, and that will happen through our next building contest! This event is hosted by ~Offbrand_Neo.


The theme of this contest is to create a mid-20th century European town or city, although departures from that are allowed.

Quoting Neo: "People can be judged on several factors. In the case of a store or housing area, usefulness and creativity. In the case of an amusement or attraction, creativity and fun factor. In the case of farms, mechanical effectiveness. In the case of purely decorative stuff itll be purely based on build quality and attention to detail. On all accounts looking good will be factored in."

Lots are already predefined; look for the basalt block that mark the corners of each building spot. Four districts have been defined, your build idea must be made in the matching district within Levansk. See the local indications for more information.

Claim a lot by placing a sign with your name on it, then get building! You can claim multiple lots if you want, as everything you do will be judged together, so plan accordingly.

Vertically, you're allowed to go between y=45 to y=85.

The building period starts today and ends on June 1st at 12pm CST / 1pm Eastern time.


You will want to make your way to Levansk. From Central, ride the East Nether line to the Doctralia substation, go to the third floor, then choose the Levansk Community Line.


The top winner is eligible to $25 USD, offered by ~Offbrand_Neo.

Additionally, the top three winners will get 50, 30 and 10 Merit Points respectively.

Good luck to all!


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