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Running your own events, now with templates!, Update by Doctacosa

It's been possible for a long time for anyone to run their own activities during Events Nights, but most people either don't know how, or have no idea where to start. Well, we've got something for you!

We've prepared a list of templates that you can use to run your own events, including what to do, the location, duration and rewards to offer to participants. As an extra incentive, event runners are also eligible for their own rewards if they choose to claim it!

You can check the new events page for the full details and instructions on running your own events. Note that these are templates - think references - and not absolute instructions: you can also take one as a base to develop your own concept.

This comes with a major overhaul of the attractions page; each location now has more information on each destination, including a description and the directions to get there.

If you choose to run an event, select a template and go write a post on the forums with the details. Once confirmed, it will get published on the website, social media channels, Steam group and site calendar for everyone to know! If you have any questions, ask Doctacosa either on the forums or through Discord.

Thanks to Sora for doing a lot of the initial ground work on this, and being patient with me as I was making the necessary preparations!

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