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Levansk contest results!, Update by Doctacosa

The Levansk contest results are in! While not a lot of entries were made, the quality level was high all around. Without further delay, the winners:

First place: Exodio
Second place: StTheo
Third place: AlexTheTrain

Exodio won $25 USD, while the three winners each earned 50, 30 and 10 Merit Point respectively. Congratulations to all participants, and thanks to Offbrand Neo for running the event! You can view the full list of entries along with Neo's comments on the contest page.

Note that Levansk is still open for building, and there are several lots still available to building! If you're looking for a location for your next creation, you can always check the building sites page for inspiration. It lists open areas along with the local constraints or themes, if any. Levansk is now on the list.

If you're looking forward to more building contests, stay tuned: I hear that more are on the way, possibly sooner than you think!

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