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The full list of players is back!, Update by Doctacosa

Something that had to be sacrified for the sake for 1.17 compatibility was quickly noticed by many: the full list of players was no longer shown on pressing tab. Worry no more, as it is back!


Java players now get a display similar to the previous one, showing all players along with their location on the network. The yellow number indicates the ping of each person, giving them a clue to the quality of their connection. Newly added is a clock set to the server's timezone (Eastern time); this way, people located elsewhere don't need to play a guessing game as to when the next event will start.

On Bedrock, the display is more limited due to the stronger restrictions of the game. Still, the full list of players is also available. A notable improvement from before is that all player names now display properly no matter where people are, so there are no cryptic ~BTLP entries to be found!

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