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New Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, Update by Doctacosa

I'm introducting today to the entire Interordi network, including the Creeper's Lab, an official Privacy Policy alongside Terms of Use. Both are used to highlight how your data is stored and used, what expectations you can have while using the websites and game servers, and under what conditions you are allowed to access the whole network.

There is nothing crazy to be found in either documents, as they cover basic expectations you would have from most places. I was reaching a point where I needed both in order to pursue some projects, so I finally took the time to get the proper documents into place. These are requirements from third-party partners to allow use of their own tools and platforms, which I'm planning to work on in the upcoming months to add new features. As such, I invite you to review both pages when you get the chance. They are linked at the bottom of most pages here and elsewhere.

These will officially go live on 1 August 2021.

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