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Event: PvP at Wildwood Arena!, Update by Doctacosa

If you've been thinking that we haven't had a good PvP battle in a while, the wait is almost over!

You're invited this Saturday to a Battle Royale PvP Tournament at Wildwood Arena! This will begin right as Events Night starts, at 9pm Eastern time. For the sake of keeping the fight balanced for everyone, no science-grade equipment will be allowed. Bring your best vanilla gear!

The top three fighters will earn the following:

  • First Place: 25 Merit Points and 3 Merit Vouchers.
  • Second Place: 15 Merit Points and 2 Merit Vouchers.
  • Third Place: 5 Merit Points and 1 Merit Voucher.

This event will be run by NicDaKermit. Interested in running your own events such as this one? All throughout September, any event sponsor gets double the usual rewards!

Read on for the full details, then reserve your event on the forums!

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