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A voting option for Bedrock players!, Update by Doctacosa

Some of you already know that you can vote for the Creeper's Lab on various servers list. In exchange, you can earn a Merit Point. So far, this only worked for Java Edition players, and our Bedrock players had to do without. Well, not anymore!

After some additional work, there's now a voting option dedicated to people playing on Bedrock Edition! It's a single list for now, but it works just like the others: visit it, enter your player name as it appears in-game, click the "Vote" button, and you're done!

As a reminder, if you vote on at least half the lists for your platform, you earn one Merit Point. You can do this every day, so the points can add up quickly if you do the effort! Plus, this gives the Creeper's Lab an extra bit of visibility, helping us to recruit new players, so it's a win-win!

In-game, typing /vote will give you the list. You can also browse on the website in Basics -> Help & contributions, then scroll down to get all the links you need.

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