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Sponsored events in October - Extended bonuses!, Update by Doctacosa

Many of you enjoyed the player-run events that we had in September. With the success of this new model, Sora and I have decided to extend the special rewards for any events run throughout October! That's double the usual Merit Points and Vouchers for any event sponsor, plus bonus Horsemen Points!

While most choose to run their events at the start of Events Nights, on Saturdays, this is not an obligation: you can choose any date and time of the week that suits you. If you'd like to run one, pick a template that interests you, then read the instructions at the top of the page to reserve a time and date. Future events will be posted about in this space.

As a reminder, this is for play events - building contests have different guidelines.

Speaking of building, don't forget that StTheo's contest about an underwater base is still ongoing! You have until this Monday to claim a lot and build an entry, get in while you can!

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