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Event: Harvest Festival!, Update by Doctacosa

We here at the Creeper's Lab love our Halloween season, and we're making sure that our Test Subjects can enjoy it to the fullest. As part of this month's activities, the lobby has received some temporary additions. Here's Exodio with the details!

It's Harvest time and that means the Harvest Festival has come to Creeper's Lab! Found above the Survival wing of the Lobby, the Harvest Festival features Bobbing For Apples, a petting zoo with Lil' Sebastian, a Photo Op booth (make sure to tag your pictures #creeperslab on Social Media!) and CORNIFAX - The Corn Maze!

There's a door to the Festival in the Survival Wing when you first enter. Just follow the path up! The Festival grounds are open already, but the Maze will open this Saturday 10/9 at the beginning of Event Night (9:00 PM EST). From that point, everyone will have 24 hours (until Event Night ends on 10/10) to explore the Maze and complete the goal!

Seven hardy adventurers are rumored to have entered the Maze and never returned. Your mission - Locate the names of the 7 lost adventurers! Simple enough - there will be a clue in the final location for each of the 7 with their name. Collect their names, and submit them to Exodio by the end of Event Night.

You may submit either via Discord, or by sending him a message In Game, or by putting the 7 names into a Book and Quill, signing it, and putting it in Exodio's Mailbox in the Creeper Citadel.

Prizes are the satisfaction of helping to find news of the lost Adventurers so their families may be notifed. In addition, Doc is awarding a pool of 50 Merit Points for this Event. Everyone who submits a correct entry of all 7 names will share in that pool equally! So don't let anyone else know the names!

For those looking for more Halloween themed fun, I'm hearing that more activities are also being planned. Be sure to keep an eye on this space for more!

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