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Integration between Interordi Accounts and Discord, Update by Doctacosa

To better integrate your online identity, we now have a proper way to link up the accounts you use for the Creeper's Lab and Discord!

The process to do this is simple: login to your Interordi Account, go to edit your profile and look for the "Link Account" button next to Discord's logo. Confirm your identity on their site, and that's it! You will gain the new Validated rank on Discord, with a mark next to your name.

Blue checkmarks are so last year, right? This is why these validation marks are branded red instead, with triangles of the Interordi logo forming a V for Validated.

Interordi validated mark

Please note that, in the future, some features might depend on having your accounts linked. As such, I highly recommend that you go through the process now. Get started!

Patreon backers and staff members, your existing rank display takes priority over the Validated mark. Anyone can still see it by clicking on your name within the Discord server.

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