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Event: Buddhist Scavenger hunt, Update by Doctacosa

This Saturday, at the start of Event Night, Groovy would like to invite you to an event. The event will take place on the newly completed Buddha island (which he asks you not visit until the event). The event will be a scavenger hunt locating 8 special items hidden accross the island. Specific details will follow on Event Night. First, second and third prize will get very nice shulkers full of goodies as well as the traditional merit points awards for events. Additionally, anyone who finds all the items will be awarded a shulker of goodies as well. The event will start at the beginning of event night, we will meet at Groovy's nether hub which is located on the east line out of Ender Station. Once you get to Ender Station just look for the GroovyBanana sign, go down that line, run past the portal till you get to the Nether Hub. See you there!

This event will be run by GroovyBanana. Interested in running your own events such as this one? You can do that by yourself!

Check out our pre-made templates, then reserve your event on the forums!

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