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Monthly challenges update: March 2023, Update by Doctacosa

The shortest month of year is done, now onwards to a new set of challenges, including a brand new one:

  • Emerald Rush
  • Hunter's Lodge
  • Horsemen Quests
  • Guilds tasks


Groovy has a special challenge for us this month in Kenorland. The premise is very simple, get as many emeralds as you can in 3 weeks.

We have a fresh new world for you to play in but it has a few little tweaks to it. The world has no End dimension; but it is possible to get an elytra. How you get one will be left as a mystery though. There are a few different ways to get emeralds as well. Look around spawn for some special trades, when doing these trades make sure that you have enough room in your inventory to receive your emerald prize. There may be a surprise or two other ways to get emeralds as well. Once you get some emeralds head to spawn and in the middle of spawn you will find a fountain. To earn points toss your emeralds into the fountain and watch you score increase (it can rarely be a bit finnicky, just go into the fountain and get your emeralds and try again). For best results, one person at a time should deposit emeralds.

The top 30 contestants will receive merit points, first place will receive 30 points, second place will get 29 points and so on and so forth. In addition to the merit points Groovy will also be handing out some special prizes. First through third place will receive special shulker boxes full of goodies. Additionally, everyone who turns in at least 100 emeralds will have their emeralds doubled. So, if you turn in 1,500 emeralds you will be awarded 3,000 emeralds at the end of the event.

You are welcome to team up and work cooperatively, PVP is turned off. If you do work as a team you will have to split the prizes amongst yourself. Also, designate one person to turn in your emeralds, I won't combine scores of multiple players. At the end of three weeks the world will sync so you can also keep any goodies that you find.


Dr. Seuss day is 2 March 2023 and St. Patrick's Day is 17 March 2023. Keep an eye out for Yba'sokug, the Bouncey Death and the evil leprechauns running amuck. Need help catching those buggers? Well, the Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that! On 17 March, keep an eye out for a one-day St. Patrick's Day invasion in the Hunter's Lodge. The Leprechaun slaye...

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