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These sites are those that focus on content generated by the fans, for the fans. This includes fanart, fan fiction and fan games, among others.

BME StudioZ BME StudioZ (report site)
BME StudioZ is the home of several fan games, programs, videos, a community, and more. Check it out if you enjoy creating or playing fan games.

Damaged Games Damaged Games (report site)
A site focused on Mega Man and original fangames. It's main series is the Hard Hat one, which features a simple metool named Hard Hat. The site also hosts a web comic and Game Maker tutorials.

Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X (report site)
This site is focused on the upcoming fan game Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X! Try the current demo version!

Part of Dr. Cossack's selection

Mega Man Mush (report site)
The homepage for the MUSH game, Mega Man MUSH, a large text-based roleplaying environment with an original theme based on all the Mega Man series. Play as characters from the games or make up your own!

Mega Man RPG Prototype Mega Man RPG Prototype (report site)
The Mega Man RPG Prototype is a persistent browser-based game spanning the entire classic series and featuring a battle system strikingly similar to that of the Pokémon video games with a little bit of card-game mechanics thrown in. Players fight through dynamically generated missions as either Dr. Light and Mega Man or Dr. Wily and Proto Man to unlock new abilities and new robot masters as well as plenty of other fun stuff. This work in progress is currently expanding and looking for players!

Megaman Zero: Alternate Future (report site)
Alternate Future is a play-by-post role play site set during the Zero timeline, in an alternative universe to give everyone a chance to play out both original and canon characters as they see fit (and within reason of course!)

Reploids Among Us Reploids Among Us (report site)
An interactive adventure in which you play the role of a human living in the 22nd century, attempting to co-exist with Reploids.

The Pluto Lighthouse (report site)
While not 100% devoted to Mega Man, a large portion of this site revolves around the Blue Bomber. It holds hundreds of pieces of Mega Man fanart as well as some fan-made projects (Megaman Powered Up TCG), fan comics (Mega Man EXE : Dark Star Saga) and others.

Zex's Home Page (report site)
Home to a fan fiction centered around Mega Man X and Zex, a fan-made reploid.