This page lists all of the current staff member of the Mega Man PC Website: Dr. Cossack's Lab, along with some special thanks. While I'm doing a large chunk of the work, this site wouldn't be the same if people didn't get involved!

Founder, administrator, sponsor, programmer, ...

News posting

Message board moderators

Oekaki board moderators

Chatroom moderator

Others & thanks

  • Guillermo: Early Rockboard translator
  • Elaine: Main Rockboard translator
  • Servbot #20: General help over the years
  • Contributors: Everyone who sent in fanart, fan music, wallpapers, ...

Any open positions?

Often, when there is an opening for a new position or to replace an existing staff member, a topic is created on the message board to talk it out with the current members. As such, your best luck to join the group is to get involved in the community itself!

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