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Websites that are related to a single series or timeline from the Mega Man universe are found here.

Mega Man Legends Station (report site)
Dedicated to the Legends series, Mega Man Legends Station covers about any aspect of all three games. A must of all diggers! (report site) has one main goal: convincing Capcom and the fans that a new entry should be added in the Mega Man X series. While this is the primary focus, other sections are also available to provide more content to the fans.

Rockman.exe Headquarters Rockman.exe Headquarters (report site)
A Rockman.EXE website focused on the EXE gaming series featuring downloads, guides and more!

Rockman.exe Online Rockman.exe Online (report site)
If you need information on various Battle Network products, especially the anime and the manga, this is the place!

Part of Dr. Cossack's selection

Team of Navis Elite Team of Navis Elite (report site)
This is a Create-A-Navi RPG board based on Mega Man Battle Network 5. It allows you to join either the dark or light team to fight on the net. Members bring along their own, original navis.