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Merry Christmas!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 25 December 2002 at 22:42

Today is the December 25, so I would like to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas"!

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End of the semester
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 19 December 2002 at 11:49

I finally completed yesterday the semester in College, so that will give me some much needed time to work on this site. First, I'll spend a couple of days fixing my computer, then updates will follow!

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More downloads!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 10 December 2002 at 23:35

The downloads page has been updated with 3 new wallpapers coming from Chicoboltsi and Doug Vetillaro. This brings the total of files available in that category to 8! Be sure to check on those if you are interested!

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About affiliation
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 25 November 2002 at 12:53

In case you placed an affiliation request and didn't get a reply from me yet, consider this message as one. I'm not considering affiliation requests until further notice, as I want to focus on restoring more content to this site. I'll post a message when I resume affiliation.

Speaking of restoring more content, I want to say that I'm not idle on that. While I'm not working as fast as I want due to school, I'm doing some decent work in the background.

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Downloads section: back online!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 23 November 2002 at 23:48

After a while of not being able to update due to schoolwork and such, I'm pleased to announce that the Downloads section is back online! There isn't too much content yet, but having the section back online will help for future updates. Available for now: 5 wallpapers, and the return of the now famous Wily Wars save state! More files will be added over time. Happy downloading!

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More bandwidth problems
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 30 October 2002 at 23:49

Bandwidth became once again a problem for the last couple of days. I did request more from my webhost, but my request was somehow lost in the great void of the Internet. I clarified the issue this evening, so we are now back online! Sorry for the trouble...

[Follow the discussion!] v4.0 goes up!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 23 October 2002 at 2:35

Those who care about my website beyond Mega Man might be interested to know that I've finally updated my main homepage,, to the fourth version. I developped that design almost at the same time as the one you're currently looking at, but it took me longer since I've compiled an archive of all sites I've done so far. This is the first step of an expansion I'm working on.

So, if you are interested, go there now!

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Rockman EXE goes Wonderswan
Battle Network Series, by Dr. Cossack on 21 October 2002 at 16:23

That news came out a couple of days ago, while I wasn't able to post on this page.

The Magic Box reports there will be a new version of Rockman EXE coming out for the Wonderswan Color in the first quarter of 2003. It is not known yet it that game will be a port of the original Rockman EXE, or an entirely different game. Also, since the Wonderswan doesn't exist in North America, that game will most probably stay in Japan.

News credit: Rockmangames

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News system changed
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 18 October 2002 at 20:07

*taps mic* Is this thing on?

Somehow, the script I was using to post news died several days ago. It looks like there was no easy way to fix it, so I went ahead and coded my own system. This will allow me to resume the posting of news and updates here. I have some stuff to report, so I'll be adding that here soon. Stay tuned!

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Rockman EXE goes GameCube!
Battle Network Series, by Dr. Cossack on 17 September 2002 at 22:33

I just have to post that one...

After several months of speculation, it was confirmed a couple of days ago that the Rockman EXE series will get a new title, this time for the GameCube. The current name of the game (subject to change) is Rockman EXE Transmission. A scan of an article is flying around the Internet, which you can see here. While very limited information is available at this point, one can expect the title to be in a 3D environment to follow the current gaming trend. There is no news about an north american release at this point, nor is a release date known.

News credit: Megaman Outpost

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Mega Man Zero Release
Zero Series, by Dr. Cossack on 14 September 2002 at 2:55

No, I'm not dead, just busy as usual. I still haven't fixed my Internet connection issues either...

It was confirmed a couple days ago that Mega Man Zero came out on the September 10, and should now be available at your favorite retail store. I wasn't able to check that information myself, but some details like blood have been changed for the U.S. release compared to the original. On a side note, Mega Man X5 PC indeed came out several days ago, too.

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Site downtime... Once again...
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 24 August 2002 at 10:04

AGAIN, the site went down for over 24 hours yesterday, because of bandwidth. But this time, it wasn't my fault!! I requested more from my host 3 days before the site ran out of it. However, since most of the staff over there is on vacations, there are delays in communication. It was finally taken care of this morning.

On a side note, I'll NOT let the site down until the first of the next month, unless there's a day or two only left to the month.

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Back to school
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 19 August 2002 at 16:09

I'm finally back to school, so expect that to slow me down a bit­. Also, my computer still isn't fully operational, so I'm a bit stuck about e-mails. Sorry about that. I hope to have this issue resolved this week...

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Computer problems
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 12 August 2002 at 16:15

I'm current having some nasty computer problems... My main computer being out of commision, I'm running on my backup machine. Since almost all of my files are on the other computer, I cannot make updates to any sections of the website unless it is really important. The same applies to e-mail: I'll not answer any of them until I get this resolved. I expect to have my main computer back either tomorrow (Tuesday) or on Wedesnday. Thank you for your comprehension.

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Oekaki board back online!!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 10 August 2002 at 15:12

After 5 months of being offline, the Oekaki board is now back on track! While it took longer than it was initially expected, the new system has a lot more features, and is much more secure. For the full details, please check the announcements over there.

Now that this is out of the way, I'll be able to resume the work on the other sections, to finally complete anew the site. More on this later!

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I'm back online!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 9 August 2002 at 3:09

I finally came back today, and I'll be using the next couple of days to catch-up on news and e-mails. Please allow me some time to get back on track, and thank you for your understanding.

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Vacations time
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 5 August 2002 at 23:44

I'll be away for the next three days as I'm going to vacations. Since I'm not bringing my computer with me, I'll most probably have no way to get online. I should be back by Thursday evening, but I might get online only on Friday.

I'll answer to e-mails and such after I come back. Later!

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FanArt Update!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 5 August 2002 at 0:23

Finally! The coding of the new system took longer than expecting, and isn't quite complete, but the FanArt section is now stable enough to support frequent updates. I've added several new pictures there, this including new artists. Among the new stuff, I've put the art I've got in celebration to the 100,000 hits mark we hit not too long ago. You can quickly see which pictures are new, as they have the mention NEW: just before their titles.

From now on, updates to that sections should be done more frequently, as I can update at anytime easily. Feel free to submit new pictures!

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Mega Man News
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 1 August 2002 at 22:25

I thought I would put a couple of news on. For those who might be wondering, most of my time lately went on the creation of the new Oekaki board and on some personal projects. Now, here are the latest, major happenings for the Blue Bomber.

Release dates fun
As usual, the release dates have been updated with delays from Capcom. Mega Man X5 PC, among other titles, was supposed to come out in July but was delayed to the August 7.

Rockman anime
To the opposite of what everyone believed, there indeed was a Rockman anime made several years ago. While it was made in 1993 and 1994, it was never aired anywhere. There were 3 episodes of 30 minutes each made.

Now, for the 15th Anniversary of Rockman in Japan, Capcom Japan is making a limited DVD release of this anime. Starting September 20, people in Japan will be able to get the disk either from E-Capcom (Capcom of Japan online store), or at the various Tokyo Game Shows.

You can download a preview movie of the anime on this page, as well as see a few pictures and a description (note: Japanese page).

Mega Man T-Shirts!
Now is the time to show Capcom they can sell Mega Man merchandise in North America! You can get an XL-sized shirt with Mega Man X and Zero from this page on Capcom's site.

Rockboard translation
NO, it's not dead! Please stop asking. :-P

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More downtime
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 1 August 2002 at 21:54

The site was offline for several hours today, but it wasn't my fault!! A major connection link died on the side of my webhost, cutting all access off the website. As you can see, it's now back online, and we shouldn't have any more problems caused by that. On a side note, I shouldn't have any more problems with bandwidth either, but the end of months are always sensible areas.

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On and off and on and...
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 28 July 2002 at 0:47

Sorry for the downtime in the last couple of days. I'm still getting used to the process of requesting more bandwidth from my webhost. There shouldn't be anymore problems from now on, since I know how to proceed.

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100 000 hits!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 22 July 2002 at 0:37

Sometime yesterday, the hit counter finally reached the magical number of 100 000 hits since the opening of this website over two years ago. Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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Site status
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 19 July 2002 at 15:32

You might have noticed the lack of updates lately. That's because I've been working a lot on programming the new Oekaki board and the other sections of the site. More updates should be available shortly, as the result of all those efforts is finally approaching.

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Reeve takes over the world
Community, by Dr. Cossack on 19 July 2002 at 15:24

... well, not quite, but almost.

Reeve of MegaMan X Online revealed yesterday a major overhaul to his website. His new site, The Mega Man Network, covers all 5 Mega Man series. While all sections are up, the content for the subsites is still being gathered, so more will be available in the future. Of course, the large database of information about the X series is still available. Be sure to take a look!

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Misc information
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 1 July 2002 at 23:56

Last of the bandwidth problems
Once again, the site was down yesterday. That should be the last of the downtimes. Since we just started a new month, my bandwidth was resetted to zero. I used last month to see how things would be going. Starting from now, I'll just pay extra for whatever bandwidth would be needed, so there shouldn't be anymore downtimes (hopefully). As a reason, I've put back online the Music Archive and the FanArt. I suspect that these two, along with the message board, are responsible for most of the bandwidth consumed.

Oekaki board
Yes, it's coming soon. Stop asking :-P

Note to newcomers
Some people have been e-mailing me asking why a particular section wasn't working. It seems that those people don't know when went through here recently, so please let me explain. All of the sections you see on the left menu USED to be available. Unfortunately, in a total system crash that happened a couple of weeks ago, all data on this server was LOST. I'm still working on rebuilding all sections, thus being the reason why it's not available.

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Music Archive OFFLINE
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 27 June 2002 at 23:45

In order to make sure we won't run out of bandwidth again before the end of the month, I temporarily removed the Music section. The files were NOT deleted, they simply... vanished until July 1st. Everything will be back online after that. All e-mails related to the music section being not working will be ignored.

There is a slight chance that the whole site might be going offline again during the last day of the month. I'll make my best to ensure that this doesn't happen again starting by next month.

EDIT: FanArt was killed too. Only two days to go like this... I won't remove sections after that.

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Animated menu is back!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 26 June 2002 at 0:52

People who are bored and everyone else will be happy to know to know that I've just readded the animated mets in the left menu! It's the same effect as before: put your mouse cursor over a menu item, and the corresponding met will pop up it's head. Have fun! ;-)

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Bandwidth problems
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 25 June 2002 at 0:31

If you tried to come here during the last 36 hours, you'll have noticed that it wasn't quite working. Instead, you were getting that very pretty and descriptive error message (Ok, enough sarcasm for now). The problem is that I ran out of bandwidth for this month. As soon as I hit that limit, the whole site goes offline and I have to pay extra fees to get additional bandwidth. Unfortunately, with popularity comes problems, and that is a big one. I hope we will be able to get through this month without any more problems, but if I see that we're getting dangerously close to the limit, I'll have to shut down a section or two for a couple of days.

If you happen to have any ideas about how to avoid those problems without closing any sections of the site, please let me know. Thanks.

P.S.: For those who do not know, bandwidth represents the amount of data that can be transfered from this site every month.

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Release dates... again
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 23 June 2002 at 0:45

MMBN2 is out. Really.
Several visitors were kind enough to confirm to me that Mega Man Battle Network 2 indeed came out last week. I waited to write this because I wanted to find my own copy first. Is it normal that only one store in my area had the game, that they got it this morning (a week and a half after the release!), and that they had only TWO copies? Any other RPG would have been available in a matter of 2-3 days...

Release dates fun
As you can see at the right, I've updated the release dates for all upcoming Rockman and Mega Man titles. MMX5 PC has been pushed off to the July 2, and Rockman & Forte GBA is supposedly coming out on the August 11 in Japan. Still no word about a North America release here.

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Site updates
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 11 June 2002 at 16:35

The SuperAdventure Rockman Info page has been updated with corrections and some new info provided by myself and Joel Achiel N. Van Heugten. The e-mail form has also been updated. It's now running a new script written by myself.

On a side note, today is the official release of MMBN2 in North America. Capcom has yet to make a press release about it, but that's understandable with the current site updates being done over there.

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FanArt Archive back online!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 8 June 2002 at 1:33

And another section gets restored! The new FanArt Archive took a while to restore because I've rewritten it completely: it's now database-driven to simplify updates and viewing. I know that not everything has been re-added (Khragoon's sprites are missing), but I should be doing that soon. I'll not make any more additions to that section until I complete the administrative side of the script. I also want to add a couple of features to the gallery. I'll give the other details when I'm done. Feel free to take a look; I'm pleased with the current result, even if it's incomplete.

This is the first part to make some other sections of the site to be database-driven. For example, the Links section will be modified to run with the same system. This might take a while, though. More to come...

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MMBN2 out...?
Battle Network Series, by Dr. Cossack on 7 June 2002 at 16:42

Message Board regular PharaohMan.EXE claims that his local Gamestop already has Mega Man Battle Network 2 in stores, and that he already grabed his copy. Most online stores (including are still giving June 11 as the release date, so the game being available 4 days ealier sure is strange. I wasn't able to confirm this information yet, but it sounds plausible. Anyone can confirm this to me?

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New game on the way!
Original Series, by Dr. Cossack on 6 June 2002 at 2:36

Believe it or not... Rockman & Forte is on it's way for the GBA, thus granting the wishes of several fans. Only the name of the game is available for now, on this page over at Capcom Japan. Rockman EXE 3 is also listed there. No other details are known yet.

For those who aren't aware of this yet, the original Rockman & Forte for the SFC/SNES came out in Japan in 1998. The SNES was already dead in North America, so the game wasn't released here. This new GBA port, while unconfirmed for a North American release, is much more likely to be ported here.

*points to the right* Six games or ports are on their way to either Japan or North America. SIX. Who said Mega Man wasn't popular?

News credit: MMXO

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X7 approximate release date
X Series, by Dr. Cossack on 5 June 2002 at 22:54

The Magic Box has the following to say about the upcoming Rockman X7:
Capcom will release Rockman X7 for PlayStation 2 in Japan by the end of this year, this is the first time the series hit PlayStation 2. This time the game will be in full 3D, you can play as both Rockman X and Zero. A new Double System is added to the game, allowing both characters to execute their special attacks simultaneously.

Of course, the game being in early stages, that release planned before the end of the year in Japan might very well be pushed farther. No news about an american release yet­.
News credit: Rockmangames

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Mega Man X5 PC Price
X Series, by Dr. Cossack on 1 June 2002 at 0:35

Rockmangames was kind enough to warn me that Mega Man X5 for the PC is going to cost 19.99$ US, according to on this page. People without a PSX or a lot of money will be able to look forward to this release.

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Release Dates updates
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 26 May 2002 at 23:18

I've just updated the Release Dates for all upcoming Mega Man titles, with the addition of the ports of Mega Man X5 and Legends 2 to the PC. While everything about those games has been dead quiet, X5 PC is already out in Japan, and Legends 2 was displayed at E3.

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Message Board back online!!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 25 May 2002 at 14:28

I've finally completed all work on the new message board, so it's now open for public use! I'll be looking forward to see the former members coming back :-) All details about the new board regulations and such are described there. Have fun!

Oekaki return
On a side note, I began the work on the new Oekaki board and I've got extremely positive results so far. It's still far from a release, but things are moving fast. I'll post more as work continues.

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X7 preview
X Series, by Dr. Cossack on 25 May 2002 at 1:07

A scan of a flyer available at E3 is currently running around the Internet, and it clearly shows the game being in 3D. The strange thing is that almost all elements of the screenshots are from X1, so the possibility of this game being a remake exists. Note that Zero's back for another round (don't ask, I don't even know myself...) You can see the scan directly from the article at MMO.

News credit: Megaman Outpost

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Mega Man X7 at E3!
X Series, by Dr. Cossack on 20 May 2002 at 23:34

Looks like our friends at Capcom Japan like to announce a new X game every year now. On a new E3 page, a list of games that will be displayed at next E3 is printed there. Among the list: Mega Man X7 (note that it says Mega Man, not Rockman). This new title is currently listed as a PS2 title. Perhaps it will change, but it will most probably not. It's also very possible for the game to be ported on the GameCube and possibly Xbox, as Capcom announced a while back that they were interested in porting some of their titles for all 128-bits consoles (Sorry Dreamcast users, but I really don't believe it will make it...) More information about this game will be available at E3, which is opening up in less than a week now.

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Sections readded
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 18 May 2002 at 23:11

Still moving to reupload stuff on the site! Today, the SuperAdventure Rockman Information page is making a return, as well as the section about the Rockboard Translation. Some people have been concerned about the future of that translation. While I haven't been able to work on it much in the last few months because of school and the site crash, I didn't forget about it. In fact, I worked on that a bit today.

On another note, Chicoboltsi got me the latest release dates for the two Mega Man Battle Network titles in Europe. MMBN1 came out on the May 2, 2002 and MMBN2 is scheduled for the September 5, 2002. These dates are from Ubi Soft Entertainment directly, that company being responsible for the publishing of both titles in Europe.

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Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 17 May 2002 at 2:14

All right! School's over for three months, so I now have time to really work on the website. I've just reuploaded the Music Archive and the MMBN Info section. I know that a couple of MP3s are missing. Just give me enough time, and I'll get to those eventually. Hopefully, having those two sections back online will stop the e-mails saying: "i cant get 2 the music". :-P

I also used that occassion to complete the new layout. While it was up for this page and the Contact page, it wasn't ready to support the different sections. It now is, and it's looking great (if I can say so ;-) ). Note that it now looks even more like crap under Netscape Navigator 4.7, but it works perfectly fine with Internet Explorer 5.5+ and Netscape 6.

Others sections will be coming back online whenever I complete them. With school out of the way, things will be moving much faster. I'm also working on the message board, and I'm in the planning stage for the new Oekaki script. E-mail answers will also be done in the next days. Thank you for your patience, we're getting there!

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Anniversary and Misc. News
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 6 May 2002 at 23:03

I thought I should try to keep everyone informed...

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of this website (it started back in 2000). Thanks to everyone still sticking around! We are getting through some hard times, but the best is yet to come :-)

I now have less than 2 weeks left of school. Unfortunately, I'm overloaded with school assignments and such, so my time frame is very limited. I have my last exam on the May 16th, so everything will be moving MUCH faster after that. Until then, I have to say that I'll not be able to answer to most e-mails. I know that some of you wrote to me quite a while back, but I really can't do anything for now.

Release dates and E3
I thought I should put a few news up on the way... In no particular order:

  • Rockman Zero was released in Japan some days ago.
  • The release of Mega Man Zero in North America was delayed until September. Who didn't saw it coming??
  • E3 is coming fast. What kinda news will Capcom throw at us this year? Remember, last year saw the announcement of Mega Man X6.

Until next time...

- Dr. Cossack

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MMPC Website v4.0
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 24 April 2002 at 23:35

Welcome everyone to the NEW Mega Man PC Website: Dr. Cossack's lab! I am pleased to show you the latest version of the site. While each of the previous versions still retained a large part of the original coding, v4.0 was almost created from scratch. The extended use of CSS and PHP will allow me to customize the layout much faster from now on, and I made everything more compliant to the standards.

The new layout has been tested with several web browsers, on two different computers with different resolutions. The site is better viewed with:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6, or Nescape 6
  • Resolution of 800x600 or 1024x768
  • JavaScript enabled

Some pages are looking horrible when viewed through Netscape Communicator 4.7. That's because N4.7 has a very poor CSS support, and I don't recommend it to surf here. The design might have a few changes here and there, but consider it mostly complete. Note that there might be deadlinks on the site. Please do not e-mail me about them, they'll all be fixed eventually. On a side note, the animated mets in the menu will return when most sections will be back online.

Return of sections
Now that I have made this major step, I can begin working on bringing the material back online. I've been working on the Music Archive and the MMBN Info sections, and they should be back online this weekend (yeah, the weekend again...).

Oekaki Board
You can read the full details about that one on the temporary Oekaki page. Basically, it will stay down until I'm done creating the new board, which won't happen before the middle of May AT LEAST.

While I didn't really checked the latest affiliation requests I got yet, I've updated the list with the addition of Brave Robot, a site replacing the new defunct Arctic Freeze. (Happy yet, Fencer? ;-) )

I also added on the right column a new sub-section: Support Mega Man. Several fans want to help the Mega Man comminity, but they don't really know what to do. This section will be used to provide links to sites where people can make an effort to promote / support the Blue Bomber. The Mega Man Manga Petition that has been running for a while is still there, with a new link to the Mega Manifesto. This petition, created by Reeve, is a call to all major gaming sites / reviewers to consider the Mega Man games fairly, without always complaining about "it's the same old thing".

I'll try to catch up with e-mails this weekend. I hope that you are pleased with this now :-)

- Dr. Cossack

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Latest news
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 14 April 2002 at 23:44

Ok, so I did not put the new layout back online in the last two weekends... Unfortunately, my semester at school is ending in a bit over a month, so the teachers keep throwing big assignments at me. While I'm still working on the site between two schoolworks, it isn't easy. Here's some more detailled info of the return of several sections:

  • New layout: Still not ready, but I did a lot of work on it this weekend. I'll try to complete it for next weekend, but again, you never know. It's getting closer, though.
  • MP3 Archive: This one appears to be more popular than I first thought... Yes, I still have all files on my computer, so you don't need to send me any of them (thanks anyway ;-) ). I've uploaded about 80% of the archive so far, and it will be one of the first sections to come back online.
  • Message Board: I'm waiting for the next version of the software before doing more work on it. It's supposed to be out very soon.
  • Oekaki Board: ... I'm still not sure about that one.
  • Fan Art: It will take some time, because I want to rework the section, and possibly make it database-driven for easier updating. Don't expect it to be back online before the end of my school semester (at the end of May)
  • E-mails: Allow me some time to answer please... My timeframe is limited.

Other sections will come back online as soon as I can. The above info might change depending of my crazy school schedule. *goes to sleep*

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Still going on
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 3 April 2002 at 11:48

I'm still putting things back together... Since what I like to call The Great Crash, I've lost track of many things that I was planning to update, and I have a lot of schoolwork, so expect delays everywhere.


  • New layout: I'm still working on it. Hopefully, it should be up this weekend, along with the return of some sections, but I can't guarantee that.
  • FanArt: I'll try to understand the mess which is the status of this half-completed update and complete it.
  • Affiliation: They will be returning as soon as I complete the new layout. I was submitted a few affiliation requests in the past weeks that I never got to answer. Can you people please drop me a line if you are still interested? (Please, NO site that just started like a month ago). I've decided to be more strict about affiliates, so please think twice before sending a request.
  • E-mails: I'm finally starting to answer them today.

UPDATE: For the time being, I'll not report Mega Man news unless a major announcment is made (a new game announced, for example), as I want put my time on the website reconstruction. Thank you for your understanding.

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Random news
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 1 April 2002 at 2:42

First of all: this is April Fools Day. I REPEAT!! This is April Fools Day. On this day, you know to check your backs for anything suspicious. I also ask you to double-check your news. Most of the news put on this day are completely WRONG. No, Capcom will NOT announce Mega Man 9, 10, 11 and 12 at the same time. Sonic and Tails are NOT hidden in SSBM. Got it? Just be SURE to know about your sources. Oh, and check for a good laugh. (NOTE: they are making a JOKE too)

About the reconstruction process, I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work to rebuild the site. I'm currently creating a new layout, different from the old one. As soon as I'm satisfied with it, I'll begin converting all old pages one by one. It's just a matter of time, really.

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Reconstruction Day 2
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 29 March 2002 at 1:43

So far so good! I've re-added the left menu, even if almost no links are clickable. This will allow you to know what exactly I'm working on. Currently, there's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff going on, mainly the work on a new layout (what you see now is my current test for the new design). Once I'm done creating a new layout, I'll begin to convert the sections one by one. I'll keep you posted about this.

Don't forget, if you have any of the former Oekaki pics, make a zip file with that and send them over to!

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Restoration Process Begins!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 28 March 2002 at 1:52

After several days of downtime, I finally managed to put the MMPC Website back online! (well, partially at least)

What happened: On the Sunday 24 March 2002, at 12:57, the serveur hosting my website crashed. While it is unknown at this point what exactly caused the problem, the keywords are: "Complete System Failure". Both the hard drives and the backups drives crashed, loosing all data stored on them.

What does this means: Simple - the website went down the drain. All files on the server were lost. I have almost all of the static files on my computer (HTML, etc), but the data created by interactive scripts was lost (Message Board, Oekaki, MegaCards, News, etc). While I can recreate all scripts, it will be like starting anew, with no data.

Instead of simply reuploading everything at once, I'll reupload the sections one by one, to fix any possible errors and update the information (some sections were awfully updated). You'll be able to follow my progress on this operation by the left menu (when I add it).

Now, I have to ask you for some help. A lot of valuable data was lost, including the Oekaki pics. I'm pretty sure that several of you saved some of the pictures on their harddrives. I would be most grateful to you if you could make a zip file with all the pics you have and to send them at I still have the comments for all pictures and the scripts, so only the pics are missing to recreate the board.

My regular contact address remains If you sent me an e-mail in the past few days, I'll answer it on either Thursday or Friday.

Note: this design is in no way final, of course. Consider this as a test ;-) More to come later!

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Oekaki down.
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 22 March 2002 at 23:00

The Oekaki went down already. Damn lamers. More on this later.

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Oekaki back online!!
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 21 March 2002 at 23:00

The Oekaki is back!
I finally went around to put the Oekaki board back online for everyone's enjoyment. Full details are with picture #2748. Have fun!

Current status
First of all, my apologies for the lack of news, updates and communication lately. This semester at school keeps me a lot busier than previous semesters, and it unfortunately cuts off more of my free time. As a result, I have to keep delaying everything. This means that, for the next two months, expect me to take a bit longuer than usual to do everything.

I was planning to do a major site update, but it appears that I won't be able to complete such a thing before next year at least (I'm kidding here), so I'll do everything section by section (several of them are very outdated). I have also been doing some behind-the-scenes work for a while. First proof of this: the Oekaki board being back online.

I'll be using the next few days to go through the fan art, affiliation requets and e-mails that I received.

Again, sorry about this, and many thanks for sticking around anyway :-)

(More updates coming this weekend. Stay tuned!)

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Backlog of news
Misc Mega Man, by Dr. Cossack on 3 March 2002 at 23:00

Busy, busy, busy...

EXE Anime is on
The new Rockman EXE Anime was first aired some hours ago in Japan. There is still no news about an American translation, but I don't see that coming too soon. The Megaman Outpost gives this link to a preview of the anime. While the animation seems limited at best, I blame that on the RealMovie format. More as it becomes available.

MMBN2 release: when?
Pick your choice.
Capcom of America: Spring 2002
EBGames: May 1st, 2002
GameFAQs: May 2, 2002
GameStop: June 25, 2002
BuyRite: June 2002
IGNPocket: Summer 2002

I don't even try to understand this mess anymore.

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Oekaki board down
Site news, by Dr. Cossack on 25 February 2002 at 23:00

Due to some abuse on the Oekaki board, it has been taken down for now. It WILL return, but I can't predict when exactly. Click on the Oekaki link above if you want to know the details.

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News, news, lotta news
Misc Mega Man, by Dr. Cossack on 21 February 2002 at 23:00

Rockman X5 port
The Megaman Outpost reports that Rockman X5 had been port over to the GamePark 32.

What is the GamePark 32, you ask? It is a 32-bit handeld made by a group of Korean developpers, and it has been on the works for a few years now. It's not as powerful as the GameBoy Advance, but it has some nice abilities. Rockman X5 is listed on the official website as "currently printing". Nothing else is known about the game for now.

New Rockman Zero screenshots
Mega Man X Online informs us about a new article on the Japanese website EG. You can see some art and several new screenshots from the upcoming game. These can help understanding a bit more what the game will look like.

Rockman EXE 2 warning
And here's a nasty one... Capcom Japan made an official annoucement about Battle Network Rockman EXE 2. There happers to be a bug in the game when you go to fight AirMan.EXE V2 and possibly some other bosses. If you happen to use the "Enemy Search" chip, it can delete your save data!! This bug will most probably be fixed for the American and European releases, but importers should be aware of this important problem.

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