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I asked this in the Original MM forum - and thought it deserved asking here as well. Has Sigma ever fooled you, into thinking he wasn't gonna really be in the game?

Like Dr. Wily, Sigma has shown an attempt to fool us many times. I can't speak for the Gameboy X titles - but for the main X series... Has it fooled anyone?

So... When did Sigma first try and fool us? I believe it started in Mega Man X3 - with Dr. Doppler. I never really doubt Sigma was still there - since I had learned my lessons from Wily so well.

X4? Hummm... Nope. Didn't fool me. Plus they wheren't really trying that hard - making it fairly obvious in the cutscenes.

X5? Not really an issue, since they didn't hide Sigma from the get-go.

X6 actually got me! It sooo snookered me, I couldn't believe it! After 6 Mega Man games, 5 X titles where Sigma never left you alone - I really DID think Sigma wasn't gonna show up. In point of fact, Sigma really wasn't even behind the plot at all - he was just a last-ditch monster unleashed by Gate near the end. He could barely speak at that point!
Still - I was wrong; this game truely did fool me, through and through.
I gotta say - I wish more of the games where like this one - it was a real treat to really be guessing all up until the end.

X7... Didn't fool me; plus through half the bosses, you already knew Sigma was pulling the strings.

X8 - Those Multiple Sigma clones really didn't hide anything - right?

So - anyone else decieved by the Mechanical Villian?

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Sigma isn't out to fool anyone, Gate dragged him out of the pub, after the bald one fell over drunk after one too many drinks, just before X6 and ever since then, he's basically phoning in his apperances. I mean, X8 was the literate example of "phoning in" for goodness sake while X7 had him talking like a sub-Saturday-Morning-Cartoon Villian who goes "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" and hitting his hunchmen a lot (off screen of course).

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"Sigma isn't out to fool anyone, Gate dragged him out of the pub, after the bald one fell over drunk after one too many drinks"

XD What a mental image.

Anyway, I've never really been fooled. ^^ I always know it'll be him behind it all in the end.

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Sigma never fooled me.. Well I didn't neccessarily know he was going to be in X2, but I hoped he would be and thankfully he was.