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Please keep in mind that this project has been dead for several years!


The download for Mega Man 5 for PC Demo 1 is here! Just make sure you read carefully the process to install the game. All the download links are at the bottom.

That demo is awfully outdated! I recommend that you wait a few months to get the upcoming Demo 2.

  1. You have to install the Windows Media Player. If you already have a recent version of it (V. 6.0+), then you're ok. Else, get it, or the game will not work.
  2. Install the executable files. This is the primary directory for the game. You can choose where to install it. For example: C:\Games\Megaman.
  3. Open the file and extract it under a Musiques subdirectory from the game. For example, if your game is on C:\Games\Megaman, then extract the musics to C:\Games\Megaman\Musiques. Note here that the name of the folder is "Musiques", NOT "Musics". I'll change the name later on.
  4. Be sure to read the readme.txt file, because all needed information is here.
  5. Enjoy the game :-)
File Description
Windows Media Player You *MUST* install this for the game to work.
Mega Man 5 for PC Demo 1a The executables files. Install where you want
The music files Unzip on a .\Musiques subdirectory
The readme.txt file Read this for a lot of useful information!