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You can download the latest translation patch here. The archive actually holds two patches: as I explained on the information page, one keeps the original Rockman experience intact while the other brings everything up to the Mega Man side of things. Before patching, I highly recommend that you backup your ROM file! The patch should be applied to the original, untranslated Japanese ROM game only.

If you are familiar with patching ROMs, just skip this section and download the file. Otherwise, if you need help, read the following instructions on how to patch the game under Microsoft Windows:

  1. Download the patch file located below along with IPSWin.
  2. Extract the content of the ZIP file. The actual patch is the Rockboard_j.ips file (Rockman version) or the Rockboard_e.ips one (Mega Man version).
  3. Extract the IPSWin archive and execute the program.
  4. Use the first text area in the software to locate the Rockboard ROM (click the folder icon to do so), and the second area to point to the patch you just downloaded.
  5. Hit the "Patch!" button, and you're done!
File Description
Rockboard Patch v1.1 This is the ZIP file which includes the two patches.
Readme file The readme file for the translation.
IPSWin 2.0 A simple IPS patcher for Microsoft Windows.

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